2018 marked the start of CEIBA eco-friendly approach. 5 eco-friendly actions have been adopted by CEIBA’s team:

  • Sorting waste with the company ‘Eco Box’: paper, envelopes, newspapers, magazines are now collected to be recycled. Each employee has been equipped with small cardboard baskets that Eco Box collects every month.
  • We also work with the company ‘Eco Nou Menm’, which collects our empty ink cartridges. Our used electric batteries and light bulbs are also collected for recycling.
  • Relying on digital: As we manage electronic, maritime, port and customs data interchanges, we implement several measures to limit printing and paper wastage. As a first step, we invite our email recipients to: “print the message only when necessary and to adopt an environmentally friendly attitude!”. Moreover, thanks to a digital archiving system CEIBA went even farther in this approach and now all our internal and external documents are archived. 


  • Turning off equipment: computers, printers, screens and coffee machines are automatically put on a standby mode to save energy during the day.


  • Air Conditioning: The air conditioning is set to a maximum of 4°C below the outside temperature to prevent overconsumption.


  • Recto- verso printing: Collaborators use recto verso printing as default program.   They have been made aware of printing only the interesting parts of a document and printing in color only when necessary.


In 2019, CEIBA continues this approach by implementing the use of organic products for its green spaces and for cleaning its premises. CEIBA plans to set up solar panels to become energetically autonomous.