Customer Services

The client services department provides continued support to users of the Port Community System AP+ by analyzing and handling their requests. In addition, clients receive information briefs detailing system developments.

Through their participation, each client and supply chain operator contributes to the system’s performance. Custumer Services’ mission is to maintain high levels of satisfaction among our clients.

User Training

CEI.BA is a certified authorized AP+ training center and referenced as

CEI.BA trains customers on using the Import and/or Export system. Sessions are tailored to suit the customer’s specific role in the supply chain.

Training sessions are also available on using the various SOGET Douane solutions and tools.

Technical Support

CEI.BA’s technical support team ensures continued service of and access to the AP+ system through private and public networks.

More than 100 maritime and air companies are connected to the technical platform based in Guadeloupe.

The team is available to assist you in implementing access to our applications, but can also help to develop and establish interfacing possibilities with your systems.


In partnership with SOGET Le Havre, CEI.BA offers its expertise and experience to the Caribbean port and airport shipping community in concrete implementation of and switchover to Port Point of Single Contact, personnel training, technical installation and maintenance.

Experts in computing, IT networks, call center management and training are available at each project phase to assist in the implementation of the Port Point of Single Contact.