SOGET ICS is a solution from SOGET Customs suite, accessible via the portal, dedicated to the security filing of cargo all over Europe. It guarantees the compatibility of ICS messages with the customs specifications of the 28 European countries. SOGET ICS is a system that saves both time and money. SOGET ICS users will rapidly stand out from their competitors through the rapidity of their work and the reliability of the information exchanged.

Customs authorities and SOGET have been partnering for 30 years. SOGET ICS solution has been developed according to the latest regulatory changes and is the most efficient way of carrying out entry summery declarations (ENS) according the mode transport (Sea, Air, Rail or Road) preceding the loading of the goods.

Product Features

ICS receives, translates and transmits the ENS declarations to European customs authorities and then sends the goods loading authorizations back to the sender. The functionality of the product allows the modification/diversion of the ENS 24/24 7/7, as well as following their processing in real time and managing arrival notifications.



  • All cargo imported to Europe by sea, air or land


  • Customs Authorities
  • Shipping lines
  • Shipping agents
  • Importers and exporters
  • Consolidators

Formats and protocols

  • CEI.BA provides the users with an interface service. A dedicated SOGET team adapts ICS to all formats and protocols making the interface possible for each users own system