SOGET Port Community System is a neutral and open electronic platform enabling intelligent and secure exchange of information between public and private stakeholders in order to improve the competitive position of the sea and air ports’ communities.

Bringing fluidity to the logistics chain

SOGET Port Community System is the reference in terms of cargo management system. Whether used in a port or an airport, the system is a real competitiveness booster for all the stakeholders in the logistics chain.

The choice of SOGET Single Window is the choice of increased productivity by saving precious time at each stage of goods movement. It’s the choice of becoming part of a community of dynamic and demanding users, each one a leader in their sector, who rely on the Single Window to improve their performances. SOGET, through its role at the forefront of the development of a European port single window, offers the benefit of the most advanced technology and business knowledge on the market.

Product features

The automation, optimization and management of port and logistics efficient processes through a single submission of data and connecting transport and logistics chains as well as the dematerialization of documents offered by Single Window speeds up information exchanges and, by extension, goods processing. Not only is Single Window a facilitator of different business processes but is also interoperable with the users’ private information systems. Single Windows goods tracking/tracing modules ensure the integrity of the logistics chain whilst guaranteeing data confidentiality.



  • Liquid and solid bulk
  • Conventional freight
  • Ro-ro
  • Containers


  • Customs
  • Port and Airport Authorities
  • Shipping companies and Agents
  • Terminal operators
  • Freight forwarders and customs brokers
  • Ground carriers
  • Storage agents, Freight forwarding and warehousing  agents
  • Freight consolidators/breakers
  • Supply chain services providers/ Logistics