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CEI.BA S.A. manages the AP+ platform, designed by the SOGET/MGI joint subsidiary SOGYP, to serve the Guadeloupe port and airport community. This platform provides a point of single contact for tracking administrative and customs procedures related to import, export and transshipment of goods.

The system makes the process simpler, faster, more reliable and more secure.

The development of this Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system is an initiative of the Union Maritime et Portuaire de la Guadeloupe (UMEP) , the Guadeloupe Shipping Association.

The AP+ platform is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. Drawing upon its experience in developing a community port system and customs management tool, CEI.BA launched two projects co-financed by the INTERREG program:

  • CLOVIS (Caribbean Laboratory for Open and Value-Added Information Systems)
  • BECCA (Bourse Electronique de Fret Maritime), an electronic exchange for maritime freight

The first operator of a Port Point of Single Contact in the Caribbean
  • In use at the Port of Jarry since 2003
  • In use at the Port of Pointe-à-Pitre since March 2012
  • In use at the Port of Basse-Terre since August 2012
  • In use at Pole Caraïbes airport since October 2012